HVY BLK Video Club Vol. 1

Hey everyone! starting off the year i want to get right into doing events and other meetups i've been wanting to do since i first started HVY BLK, for the month of January i will be hosting the first meetup for the HVY BLK video club which will occur every month or two this year. the meet ups will consist of a film viewing which will be mainly on VHS of old school anime,action,horror,cyberpunk movies

alongside the movies i will also be making limited edtion merch to compliment whatever movie/genre we are showing that night

entry will be free & feel free to bring your own snacks/drinks  & byob for 21+

i really want this to be as fun as possible and be able to hang out with everyone and start a community instead of some faceless brand that has nothing to to with what it promotes.

i'll also be trying to update this blog with more behind the scenes stuff / videos etc,the last couple months here have been so stressful and hectic but as always im going to keep pushing to bring everyone new things





here is the link to the facebook event page


and yes there will be offical membership cards avaiable for all who attend,can't wait to issue these out